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Hardcore P.O.V. Handjobs 4 (2012/DVDRip)

Hardcore P.O.V. Handjobs 4 (2012/DVDRip)Hardcore P.O.V. Handjobs 4 (2012/DVDRip)

Studio: White Ghetto
Series: Hardcore P.O.V. Handjobs
Stars: Smokie Flame, Nikki Nievez, Amber Skyy, Eric Jover, Vanessa Naughty

Who doesn’t like a hand job every now and then? This movie features some great hand jobs all shot in an amazing point of view style! She smiled at you from across the room, and beckoned you to follow her through the door she was holding open. Once inside, she locked the door and unzipped your fly. And then the magic started... her soft, warm fingers wrapped around your throbbing cock as she slowly stroked you toward orgasmic ecstasy. It's a HANDJOB, my friend, and you're about o look down and watch your cock explode in non-stop gushers of thick, pumping cum! Now THIS is what the 'good life' is really all about!

Video: 640 x 480 (4:3)
Run Time: 56 minutes / 1,03 GB



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