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Rokeer63дата: 17.01.2013 - время: 21:36
Stoya - UnSEXpected

Stoya-UnSEXpected (2012)

Год выпуска:2012
Студия:Digital Playground.
Режиссёр:Robby D.
В Ролях:Stoya, Andy San Dimas, Brooklyn Lee, Sabrina Taylor, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, James Deen
Описание:Sometimes good girls are anything but... The ultra-sexy Stoya is about to shake things up. Her sister, Andy San Dimas thinks Stoya is innocent and uncorrupted. What Andy doesn't know is that behind closed doors, Stoya is an insatiable deviant. Roommate Erik Everhard is the first to succumb to Stoya after easily being duped. He hopes he has enough left in the tank to go right back at it with his main squeeze, Sabrina Taylor. Even Brooklyn Lee gets aroused just by being around the erotic muse and ravishes Andy's boyfriend Manuel Ferrara in a fiery fuck scene that leave them both breathless. Pizza delivery boy James Deen fulfills his wildest fantasy when on a "run" he encounters Stoya, whose idea of a tip is opening up for anal sex. No one can resist the undercover bad girl on the block! Stoya redefines sex in unSEXpected.

Скрин: Stoya-UnSEXpected (2012)

Размер:478.44 Mb

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